Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland Area Lake Real Estate

All lakes in the area of Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, population 3116.
Lakes, reservoirs and ponds with boating, fishing, and other recreational uses are included, some of which may have lakefront home sites or vacation rentals. The list also includes natural and manmade lakes used for irrigation, drinking water, hydroelectric power, flood control, industrial, and other uses.


Elk Neck State Park (8 miles) Elk Neck State Park Dam (9 miles) Perryville Water Supply (9 miles) Lake Serene (9 miles) Pearce Creek Disposal Area (9 miles) Grove Point Disposal Area (9 miles) Atkisson Dam (11 miles) Conowingo (13 miles) Susquehanna State Park (13 miles) Plum Creek Pond (14 miles) Court House Point Disposal Area (14 miles) Uries Mill Pond (15 miles) Hart-Miller Island State Park (15 miles) Rising Sun Waste Water Lagoon (16 miles) Disposal Area No 19 (17 miles) Disposal Area No 21 (17 miles) Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area (18 miles) Bohemia Mills (19 miles) Chestertown Stablization Pond No. 1 (19 miles) Chestertown Stablization Pond No. 2 (19 miles) White Swan Lake,sammonds Pond (19 miles) Disposal Area No 18 (19 miles) Loch Raven Dam (22 miles) Eden Mill Dam (22 miles) Old Loch Raven Dam (22 miles) Little Deer Creek Site 1 (22 miles) Cypress Mill Pond (22 miles) Wastewater Treatment (22 miles) Unicorn Lake (22 miles) [More...]