Arnold, California Area Lake Real Estate

All lakes in the area of Arnold, CA, population 4218.
Lakes, reservoirs and ponds with boating, fishing, and other recreational uses are included, some of which may have lakefront home sites or vacation rentals. The list also includes natural and manmade lakes used for irrigation, drinking water, hydroelectric power, flood control, industrial, and other uses.


White Pines (1 miles) Beaver Creek Diversion (4 miles) Hunters (4 miles) Mckays Point Diversion (4 miles) Stanislaus Fb (7 miles) Andrew Cademartori (8 miles) Murphys Forebay South (8 miles) Murphys Afterbay (9 miles) Redhawk Lake (9 miles) Cpud Middle Fork (10 miles) Jeff Davis (12 miles) Ross (13 miles) Beardsley Ab (14 miles) San Diego Reservoir (15 miles) Beardsley (15 miles) Electra Diversn (16 miles) Tiger Creek Regulator (16 miles) Murphys Ww (16 miles) Beardsley Lake (16 miles) Bear Val Sh (17 miles) Holman (17 miles) Salt Springs (18 miles) Phoenix (18 miles) Stanislaus National Forest (19 miles) Salt Springs Reservoir (19 miles) Kincaid (20 miles) Pinecrest Lake (20 miles) Mokelumne Hill (20 miles) Leland Meadows (20 miles) [More...]