Fountain, Minnesota Area Lake Real Estate

All lakes in the area of Fountain, MN, population 343.
Lakes, reservoirs and ponds with boating, fishing, and other recreational uses are included, some of which may have lakefront home sites or vacation rentals. The list also includes natural and manmade lakes used for irrigation, drinking water, hydroelectric power, flood control, industrial, and other uses.


Lawstuen Pond (6 miles) North Branch Root River (6 miles) Lagoon Park (6 miles) Fillmore County Road 21 (6 miles) Meyer Pond (8 miles) Lanesboro (8 miles) Olmsted County Rd 10 (11 miles) Bear Creek (12 miles) Rudlong Pond (12 miles) Jesson Park (15 miles) Br-1 (18 miles) Stewartville (19 miles) Pine Lawn Park (20 miles) Wr-4 (20 miles) Wr-6a (22 miles) Louise Lake (24 miles) Sr-2 (24 miles) Thorson Group North Detention (25 miles) Thorson Group West Detention (25 miles) Mayowood Lake (26 miles) Silver Lake (26 miles) Schechs Mill (28 miles) Zerbe Pond (28 miles) East Willow D-2 (28 miles) Bear Creek Watershed Site 25 (29 miles) Speltz Pond (29 miles) Bear Creek Watershed Site 23 (30 miles) Kr-6 (30 miles)