Greenville, Ohio Area Lake Real Estate

All lakes in the area of Greenville, OH, population 13294.
Lakes, reservoirs and ponds with boating, fishing, and other recreational uses are included, some of which may have lakefront home sites or vacation rentals. The list also includes natural and manmade lakes used for irrigation, drinking water, hydroelectric power, flood control, industrial, and other uses.


Darke Co. Wildlife Area Pond No. 5 Dam (6 miles) Ansonia Sewage Lagoon I (8 miles) Bradford Sewage Lagoon Ii (11 miles) Bradford Sewage Lagoon I (11 miles) Wabash Structure No. 1 Dam (15 miles) West Milton Low Head Dam (18 miles) Upper Wabash Structure No. 2 (18 miles) Leighty Lake (19 miles) Decker Lake (19 miles) Echo Lake (20 miles) Franz Pond (20 miles) Swift Run Lake (20 miles) Piqua Low Head Dam (21 miles) Upper Wabash Structure No. 3 Dam (22 miles) Lockington Dam (22 miles) Lake Loramie (23 miles) Troy Low Head Dam (23 miles) St. Henry Wastewater Lagoon System Dam (23 miles) Englewood Dam (24 miles) Englewood Recreation Dam (24 miles) Lake Loramie (24 miles) South Q St. Dry Dam (24 miles) Montezuma/Club Island Wwt Lagoons (26 miles) Newfields Development Lake (26 miles) Coldwater Wastewater Treatment Dam (27 miles) Taylorsville Dam (29 miles) Sidney Lime Sludge Lagoon (29 miles) Grand Lake (30 miles) Grand Lake-Saint Marys (30 miles)