Yuba City, California Area Lake Real Estate

All lakes in the area of Yuba City, CA, population 36758.
Lakes, reservoirs and ponds with boating, fishing, and other recreational uses are included, some of which may have lakefront home sites or vacation rentals. The list also includes natural and manmade lakes used for irrigation, drinking water, hydroelectric power, flood control, industrial, and other uses.


Miller Lake (12 miles) Lower Blackwelder Lake (13 miles) Blackwelder Lake (13 miles) Frisky Lake (14 miles) Beale Lake (16 miles) Butte Sink Wildlife Management Area (17 miles) Camp Far West Dv (17 miles) Camp Far West (18 miles) Harry L Englebright Lake (19 miles) Camp Far West Reservoir (19 miles) Harry L. Englebright Lake (20 miles) Virginia Ranch (21 miles) Englebright Lake (21 miles) Merle Collins Reservoir (22 miles) City Of Lincoln No 4 (23 miles) City Of Lincoln Wwtp (23 miles) Penn Val Ww Fac (23 miles) City Of Lincoln No 2 (23 miles) Thermalito Afterbay (23 miles) Thermalito Afterbay (24 miles) Thermalito Forebay (24 miles) South Yuba River (25 miles) Fish Barrier (26 miles) Thermalito Diversion (27 miles) Miners Ranch (27 miles) Lake Francis (27 miles) Thermalito Forebay (27 miles) Oroville (28 miles) Lake Wyandotte (28 miles) [More...]